Spirit of the Pharaoh


The Story

Billionaire weapons and technology manufacturer Lord Welton wishes to cheat death and live forever. In his quest for eternal life, greed and corruption take hold.

Under the guise of a humanitarian mission, he dispatches a team to Africa to discover the secrets of the ‘afterlife’.

While trying to correct mistakes of his past, mission specialist Kirk Blazer, a Royal Air Force pilot and adventurer, opens a lost tomb to ancient treasures imbued with magic – and unwittingly creates the opportunity Lord Welton had hoped for – a chance for immortality. A portal is opened and two warring spirits escape; one is Seth, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the other Ra’Mun – a pharaoh sworn to protect his people. To help defeat Ra’Mun, Welton forms an unholy alliance with Seth; the only being who can grant him eternal youth.

However, there is hope… a young couple, Raymond, an engineer and DJ, and Marie, a designer and model, who want to change their lives and inspire those around them. This dynamic pair have no idea of the danger about to unfold or their surprising links to an ancient royal dynasty.

Blazer becomes their mentor, along with MI6 agent Jade Langley. Raymond and Marie must come together as one in order to protect Earth from the dark magic of Seth and the doomsday technology of Lord Welton.



Jervis Entertainment Media Limited is a media production and business facilitation company which has been operating for 20 years.

It was started by renowned producer & director Terry Jervis who is a former BBC executive and has had many hit TV shows around the world. He also works in Hollywood with all the major film, games and music companies. His shows collectively have been watched by 4.2 billion people worldwide and he has been in the media business across radio, film and TV for over 30 years.

JEM Ltd is the production company behind Spirit of the Pharaoh.


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