About the Creator & Author

From Dreams to Reality

“How to make everything possible…”

Terry Jervis is a creative powerhouse. His 35-year career spans working with the BBC, in Hollywood, UK central government departments and a range of business industries.

Starting in comic-books, which he describes as his greatest influence to the power of his imagination, Terry’s media career began in news and current affairs leading to music, sport, fashion, drama and entertainment across film, TV, radio and publishing.

Some notable companies he has worked with are Marvel, LEGO, Shell, Motown, Def Jam, Warner’s, Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Buckingham Palace.

His skills as a producer and director on television shows and events led him to create iconic programmes and merchandising with Top Gear, Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Trace & Sky Sports, Venus and Serena Williams, Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, Pavarotti, Quincy Jones, LL Cool J, The Rolling Stones, Will Smith, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Nelson Mandela and many more.