Production Team

Terry Jervis

Terry worked for the BBC for many years. His media career began in news and current affairs leading to music, sport, fashion, drama and entertainment across film, TV, radio and publishing. Some notable companies he has worked with are Marvel, LEGO, Shell, Motown, Def Jam, Warner’s, Rolls-Royce, the Royal Air Force and Buckingham Palace.

Stan Berkowitz

Story by Terry Jervis & Stan Berkowitz – one of Hollywood’s top writers: Superman vs Batman: Public Enemies, Spider-Man, Static Shock, Justice League, Batman, Thunderbirds Are Go! Stan’s animated TV writing credits include The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Spiderman, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Ben 10. He won Daytime Emmy Awards in 1998 and 2001; in 2009 he received the Writers Guild of America’s Lifetime Achievement Awards for Animation Writing.

Simon Furman

Simon Furman is a script and screenwriter, renowned for his long association with TRANSFORMERS. He is the co-creator (with Geoff Senior) of Dragon’s Claws and Death’s Head, and has written for Marvel, X-Men: Evolution, Alpha Flight, Robocop, Terminator, Dr Who and many more. His current work includes Robotech for Titan, The Vigilant for Rebellion and Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection for Hachette. He is the co-creator (with Geoff Senior) of To The Death, an all-new creator-owned sci-fi/action series (  

Chris Geary

Chris Geary –  Future Quake, Ink Shorts and Aces Weekly. Chris is a comic collector and teaches the comic book process to students. Spirit of the Pharaoh was his first movie script adaptation into a visual storyboard graphic novel.

Alex Ronald 

Alex Ronald is the cover artist and interior plates (3D art for the jewellery) of Spirit of the Pharaoh. He has illustrated Rot & Ruin (published by IDW), Wasted (published by Bad Press Ltd.) and 2000 AD as well as creating covers for Titan Comics Doctor Who line and many more. Ronald's work for 200 AD includes Judge Dred, Rogue Trooper, Vector 13, Sinister Dexter and Missionary Man. Alex has drawn covers featuring characters on range of fictional genres including The Lost Fleet.


For the forthcoming movie Spirit of the Pharaoh has originally composed music with some the best musicians and artists in the entertainment business. Patti Austin god-daughter and protégé of Quincy Jones has collaborated with the music production team (Terry Jervis, Dave Gordon and Tony 'Skully' Cooper) on "Hope Has Arrived". Errol Whittier who has created many iconic TV soundtracks and titles for the BBC and JEM has composed the theme anthem.

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