Spirit of the Pharaoh Characters

Spirit of the Pharaoh started as an animated fantasy adventure story and then featured in a comic book form. The story captures the imagination and on-going interest the world has in ancient Egypt. The characters are written in the spirit of all good action adventure stories from the comic book hero and villain tradition.


Pic: Booklet for the original animated adventure ©Future Promises/JEM Ltd 1995


The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.



Ra’Mun has been in a state of suspended animation for thousands of years when Welton’s expedition releases him. He longs only to ascend to the afterlife to be with his beloved Neferkari, however he will not abandon our world to the chaos and destruction that Seth intends to unleash. Ra’Mun must ‘spiritually inhabit’ Raymond to act physically in our world, he can only do this for a limited time without endangering Raymond’s life. Unlike Seth, Ra’Mun is unwilling to consume souls and thus must work with Raymond to fight his great nemesis.
On ascending the throne, Ra’Mun takes on the supreme rule of a vast kingdom. He is advised by Albie (a mystical advisor of the royal court).


Pic: Comic book cover of Spirit of the Pharaoh featuring Ra’Mun in battle armour ©JEM Ltd 2011


Ra’Mun’s magic is intense and powerful, he wields it with the Ankh and through his Battle Staff. The Ankh is a magical artefact which allows Ra’Mun to live eternally and gain the power of flight. The battle staff uses force projection and energy beams and allows him to cast the pyramid shield for protection.


Neferkari is scientifically minded. She had been studying medicine utilising Alexandrian texts and was intending to become a healer prior to her meeting with Ra’Mun.
Queen of Egypt, wife to Ra’Mun. Neferkari is of noble, but not royal birth. She grew up away from the royal court, the daughter of a wealthy provincial governor. 


Pic: Comic book cover of Spirit of the Pharaoh featuring Neferkari and in battle armour ©JEM Ltd 2011


The Eye of Horus provides Neferkari with great insight, powerful wisdom and some psychic abilities. The Scarab Pendant provides protection and powerful healing magic. Her Power Bracelets imbue her with super speed.

Seth – The God of Chaos

Seth feeds on the souls of the living in order to give life to the dead. Seth is immortal. He is the demi-god of chaos, evil, storms, desert and war. He is Ra’Mun’s greatest enemy. He has battled the pharaohs of Egypt for as long as anyone can remember. His greatest triumph thus far is the murder Shabaka, Ra’Mun’s father.

Pic: Spirit of the of Pharaoh comic cover of Seth the God of Chaos ©JEM Ltd 2011


Seth’s energy and strength increases by creating chaos and destruction. He wants humans to serve him even after death; he can turn their bodies into a mummified legion of warriors and command them as his army of the un-dead. 

Raymond Randle

Raymond is a young newly qualified engineer, who’s love of music turned into a hobby to earn extra cash as a DJ. The only child of two research scientists who worked for Wel-Tech Industries. His mother worked in biological technology, developing new drugs and compounds for medical research and his father was an engineer who worked on developing new superalloys for use in Wel-Tech equipment and the oil and gas industries. They both died in a mysterious plane crash and Raymond was cared for by his grandmother Cora.

Marie Nichols

Marie is an aspiring fashion model.  Marie grew up in London and was adopted into a stable happy family. She knows about being a loner and running from war. She became a refugee at s a small child.  She starts a career as a fashion model because she has always been interested in fashion. Marie is since she was a little girl, and for the past two years has been trying to make it as a professional model.

Kirk Blazer

Kirkland Blazer, known to most as Blazer, is a thirty eight year old upper class test pilot and Raf officer. Blazer comes from four generations of RAF men and women. He is a classic alpha male with a devil-may-care attitude. Quick under fire, Blazer gives the impression of sailing through everything in life, never having to exert himself, which can infuriate those around him.

Jade Langley

Jade is a Senior Operations Officer for MI6. She has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Kirk Blazer for five years. Jade grew up in a family of high achievers, with four older brothers to compete against, this is perhaps why she has never been intimidated to be a woman in a man’s world. Jade has always needed to be the best, to conquer any challenge put before her.

Jade has a remarkable mind, she was studying law when she was approached by a intermediary for the intelligence services and discretely offered a position. Jade’s training took three years and involved military secondments, overseas missions and close combat skills. She speaks four languages and is a veteran of several conflicts, some official, some known only to highest levels of government.

Lord Peter Welton

Lord Welton is owner and CEO of Wel-Tech Industries, which started in medical technology and pharmaceutical products, and evolved into one of the largest defence conglomerates on the planet with holdings in almost every area of defence, from surveillence and attack drones, to a range of other weapons. Welton is terminally ill when we meet him, desperate to snatch at any faint hope for more time on this earth.


Pic: Comic book cover featuring Lord Welton of Wel-Tech with his technology ©JEM Ltd 2011


Wealthy beyond imagination and among the most powerful people in the world, Welton fears only one thing: death. For all his riches and all his machinations, he is powerless in the face of his own mortality. Now that his illness has advanced beyond the care of modern medicine Welton has turned to his vast collection, desperately searching for any mention of immortality or of artefacts with life-extending powers. Thus. he discovers the stories of the tomb of Ra’Mun and of the Ankh belonging to him – said to bestow eternal life on those who know the correct incantation from the Book of Spells (also known as the Book of the Dead). 


Albie is a sentient baboon with a variety of magical powers including that of speech and flight (through a cape of levitation). He is over four thousand years old. A keen reader and keeper of knowledge, Albie has an extensive background in science and ancient magic. He has a witty sense of humour and a mischievous personality.

Pic: Comic book cover featuring an early version of Albie ©JEM Ltd 2011


Baboons were revered by ancient Egyptians and were sometimes kept as pets (although he would consider himself a ‘person’). Albie takes his name from alabaster clay, a favourite material of soft stone, used to make canopic jars or vessels for the pharaoh. The baboon was closely associated with Thoth the god of wisdom, science and measurement. Albie is keen to see his favourite pharaoh re-united with his queen and will help in any way to defeat Seth.